Sunday, February 21, 2010

ChartsEdge's TCI and comment about equities starting Monday Feb. 22

Thanks to Mike Korell and his ChartsEdge! for his comment and Trader Confidence Index (TCI) today. Normally I like to add some thoughts of my own on how it may fit. Certainly the question on the minds of many is whether the technical retrace to SPX 1110/1112 (or 1114 if needed) will turn back the advance. Or if there's enough strength to push above that resistance. My work on transition this blog over to the new site under the ChartLines name makes it difficult to find enough time to explore all this - fortunately, Fibonacci gives enough of a bright line that we can let those SPX levels do the work for right now. (Along with the currencies levels I posted about earlier today.)

So check out what Mike is saying, at his site:

Comment and TCI

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