Monday, April 19, 2010

ChartsEdge Pattern Recognition map for 4/19

Uncertainty among traders is growing as Mike Korell of ChartsEdge is showing (at least to his subscribers). Here's his Pattern Recognition map for today - and we'll see if today's movement looks like more bearish selling on volumes. I'm still in Hilton Head, will be through Wednesday (posting from iPhone despite poor reception). Will see how the day looks after jaunting about ....! If you also check out Safe Haven's site (in links at right), look at the articles also by Prieur de Plessis, Mike Burk, and Marty Chenard, about possible significant resistance around these levels. Careful out there as always, mind our "string levels" (1192? 1187? Above or below by the 2 or 7?) - and remember 1190 is quite important. Happy market navigating!

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