Friday, June 25, 2010

Example of ChartsEdge upping ante for subscribers; forecast for 6/25

ChartsEdge doesn't always make their forecasts and commentaries available on their free Daily Maps Site (see link in list at right side of the page here) to non-subscribers, and that's fine because there should be goodies for subscribers. Below is an example being today's post which includes their forecast intraday chart and commentary. It helps more, obviously, if you know trading patterns and maybe some Elliott Wave theory. Actually I've got some if that posted at my "No Bull, No Bear, No Bias" trading education blog - check the intro paragraph at right for the link to go there and see. As for what the market is doing - as I tweeted yesterday, we may see a test around the 1067 $SPX level from which I personally still want to see a test upward to 1112. Stubborn? Maybe! I feel it should happen going into the next week or so but we cannot cling to one idea if the market shows it's a wrong idea. So let's just see if we get a reversal according to Andre Gratian's cycle low prediction and Bradley turn date 6/26 ... And then figure out this weekend how it's looking for a bounce, or if the bulls might turn it into something more ... So as always, careful out there, and happy market navigating!


ChartsEdge forecast commentary for June 25

by Mike Korell, ChartsEdge

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