Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SPX 970 or 1000 may be the objective for downwave if triangle setup working

If my idea of a triangle in the stick indices is right, then the $SPX objective is probably either 970 or 1000 from this move down. And we should be in a wave 3 of C in my idea. I explained this in my posts yesterday here and my UBTNB3 blog. I just cannot get Twitter working so that's why I'm posting this comment here.

This is just the triangle idea of me, Ariel. It doesn't necessarily correspond to the analysis of anyone else I'm posting here (ie., the analyses I'm permitted to post like Andre Gratian or Mike Korell). Might, but my ideas are independently developed even though I certainly reference these talented analysts as I recommend my readers do too!

Of course there's also possibility of gold dropping as I posted yesterday (and see Andre's work on that, posted). Plus the euro, if it wants to visit 112 in $XEU / FXE...

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