Friday, July 30, 2010

ChartsEdge BetaP weekly analysis for equities

Looks like Mike Korell posted this sometime yesterday at his ChartsEdge Daily Maps or BetaP (refers to beta particles, isn't that too cool?!) webpage. My move is almost done and I'm on my sailboat actually at this moment, aaahhhh .... :) So I'm looking forward to posting more actively soon. We'll see what the $SPX wants to do with the 1090 pivot and what the euro will do from this test of the 130 level! Not to mention crude oil which has been stalling under June's highs; and gold trying to see if the 200 dma (200-day moving average) in GLD at least will contain its decline. The market never gets truly dull, folks! For now, check what Mike posted at

ChartsEdge BetaP Weekly analysis

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