Sunday, August 22, 2010

Terry Laundry issues technical analysis for the financial markets with his T Theory™ which may surprise you

Near-term the market may kick up bullishly and surprise the bears, then surprise and disappoint the bulls when it rolls over into bear market mode again. Terry Laundry's T Theory™ is a little-known but powerful method to analyze the technical health of market breadth and internals. He issues projections that look like cycles but are really based on those technicals. You'll want to know what he's seeing and saying about the stock market, and also bonds (and gold). Last week he issued a very full set you can still find at his site. This week he hones in on whether the stock market can hold up longer to the end of the month or early September. Below is a quote of how the page looks, and click on his links to go to his analyses at his "Terry Laundry's T Theory™ Observations: Terry Laundry's Weekly T Theory™ Observations for August 22 2010" at his site,

Welcome to Terry Laundry's T Theory™ Observations published each Sunday afternoon. At this site we look at interesting topics that relate to the "bigger picture" investment world as interpreted by my T Theory™ principles. For a more detailed view you should visit my daily short term updates at T Theory Foundation: T Theory Calculations, Daily Updates, Charts and Data. If you are new to T Theory then you might want to read or listen to my T Theory Tutorials at T Theory Foundation. These sites are for the purpose of demonstrating how T Theory can explain market trends since 1966 in a unique way that I believe is superior to the alternatives.

This site is sponsored by my investment company ASIC which has applied T Theory™ to managed accounts since 1978. First time visitors should go to American Shareholders OnLine and read my personal background, our management results using T Theory, and pay particular attention to our proprietary " Best Bond Strategy™ " which we believe is the best path for those of us who are conservative investors.

Audio Commentary: Equity Trends

Audio Download TTOAudio20100822A

Chart Download EnvelopeTTheory 20100820pdf

Chart Download ADTsc20100820

Audio Commentary: Bond Market Message

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Download Long Term T Bond Performance pdf

Chart Download T Theory Confidence Indicatorpdf

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