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Blue moon may yet preside over bearish market downside: Raymond Merriman's weekly preview comments

Last weekend Ray Merriman predicted big moves - and that happened, with market indices going higher than many expected, frankly including me! It all feels so - so - so dang bullish, doesn't it?! Well, we're not going to flex bear claws, but we're not gonna don bull horns either. Despite the break above recent price ranges, the $SPX hasn't broken my monthly chart Fibonacci resistance, and the QQQQ's tested a different Fibonacci resistance (the .707 retrace to the April/May highs) while just toying at their own triangle breakout. There's an Elliott Wave pattern that can still be bearish, not bullish, so I can't be very optimistic yet. I'm glad to see that Ray Merriman has a warning on this too ... So let's see what he's saying this weekend. He's got a very interesting way of interweaving economic perspective, political analysis, and market cycles with financial astrology, for a commentary that's insightful and fun to read. So once again we turn to Raymond Merriman's weekly preview. His perspective on the markets, economy, and even political climate is truly unique. He always has remarkable insights to share. We'll see what he's saying in his public comments this weekend, incorporating his cycles analysis with his financial astrology for equities, bonds, currencies and commodities - for commentaries that are always fascinating. Here's Ray Merriman's set of public preview comments for the upcoming week, from his site at Merriman Market Analyst MMACycles Weekly Preview Comments:

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning September 20, 2010
Written by Raymond Merriman

Please note that for the next two weeks I will be lecturing in Buenos Aries and Rio de Janeiro. I will deliver next week’s report on Friday night, as usual, but the following week (October 1) there will be no report due to speaking duties. Our offices will be open at usual times while I am away.

Review and Preview

 Is it a bull or is it a bear? Is this rally for real, or is it a “bear trap?” Financial Astrologers will be watching next week’s stock markets very closely, for the current period contains some very powerful geocosmic signatures with very high correspondences to major market reversals. At the same time, we note that chart patterns and technical studies look very bullish. But that hasn’t mattered one iota under other powerful geocosmic time bands this year. In fact, one of the few studies that have worked extremely well since April of this year has been the study of Financial Astrology. Every critical reversal date since (and including) the yearly high of April 26, as given in our monthly subscription report has correlated with a powerful reversal in U.S. and most world stock indices, and each has occurred at a time when the technical picture was saying exactly the opposite. Every critical reversal date given in the Forecast 2010 Book since late April has been a hit. And here we are again, right in the midst of another three-star critical reversal date time band, and many stock markets are again testing their highs of the early August reversal zone.

 Besides last week’s strong rally in equity markets, the precious metals’ markets were even more impressive. Gold soared to a new all-time Friday, and is now approaching $1300/ounce. Silver exploded to over $21.00/ounce intraday on Friday, its highest level since the early 1980’s. European currencies were strong last week, with the Euro trading back over 1.3000, while the Swiss Franc was par to the U.S., dollar during the week for one of the very few times in history. The Japanese Yen made another 15-year high early last week, but then the Bank of Japan intervened on Wednesday, shooting the Dollar up sharply into the end of the week. Corn soared above $5.00/bu, its highest level since 2008, while Soybeans also rallied smartly to its highest level of the year. Crude Oil, on the hand, fell into the end of the week. All in all, it was a very exciting week, leading into the exciting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of this weekend, as many markets did the typical Uranus thing by “breaking out” of former resistance zones.

Short-Term Geocosmics

This gets very interesting now for those who study Financial Astrology.

On Saturday, Jupiter will make its second of three conjunctions to Uranus. This 14-year planetary pair cycle made its first passage on June 8, which was a three-star critical reversal given in our monthly subscription reports and the Forecast 2010 Book. Some – but not all - world indices took out their lows of the prior critical reversal date of May 20-25 on June 8-9. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite, for example, made lower lows on that first Jupiter-Uranus passage. All equity markets then rallied sharply into the summer solstice of June 21, another three-star critical reversal date. Once again all technical signals were screaming “buy.” But it was not to be, as several of those indices didn’t just follow up with a “normal” corrective decline. Many – including the DJIA and Composite – fell to even lower lows into the first week of July. That was the yearly low for most indices.

The first passage of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on June 8 took place in zero degrees of Aries. Both planets were in direct motion. This second passage is taking place in the last 1-1/2 degrees of Pisces, and both planets are now retrograde. Instead of a low, this one finds all stock indices rallying sharply, with many making new highs above their levels of June 21 or early August, as in the case of the S&P, FTSE (England), All Ordinaries (Australia), MICEX (Russia), NIFT (India), and Hang Seng (Hong Kong). And like June 21, September 21 is a seasonal change day, when the Sun will be transiting over the degrees of the Cardinal Climax, just as it was on June 21. That was the end of a very sharp two-week rally, and right now the indices have again been rallying very sharply again for the past 2-3 weeks (since late August).

Last week I referred to this period as “The Return of the Climax: The Sequel.” This is why. The Sun is translating the Cardinal Climax degrees again. During the center of the Cardinal Climax in the first week of August, many stock indices were making highs. The translation of this pre-Cardinal Climax on June 21 was also the end of a big rally, when many indices made their highs for this summer. And now we have the only post-Cardinal Climax translation of the Sun taking place September 17-24. Once again indices are rising with several making new summer highs. Is this a coincidence? Or is it “déjà vu all over again?”

If you listen to most market commentators and legends like Warren Buffet, they will tell you that “This time it is different.” It is the start of a real upside breakout. And they might be right, for with Uranus so strongly in the picture, anything can happen. It can be a major reversal, as it was in June, or it can be a breakout of important resistance, which seems to be happening in about half of the world indices we track. We must also keep in mind that the longer-term trend of Jupiter transiting in Pisces and Aries is usually more bullish than bearish for the stock market, as reported in the Forecast 2010 book. This could be the start of the asset inflationary move up in stocks that was discussed therein, and due sometime from late May 2010 to June 2011.

But this week is not just Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction, which is one of the most consistent geocosmic signatures to the completion of primary or half-primary cycles that we have identified through our historical studies (see Volume 3 of the “Stock Market Timing” series). On Tuesday, September 21, the Sun is in opposition to both Jupiter and Uranus. The Sun-Jupiter opposition is another particularly powerful correlation to primary and greater cycles in stocks too, almost as strong as Jupiter-Uranus in conjunction. Less than two full days later, on September 23 before markets open, there is a full moon in – guess where? – zero degrees of Libra and Aries, right on the Cardinal Climax degrees again. And the full moon in Libra-Aries is one of the strongest solar-lunar correlations to sharp declines in U.S. stocks historically. But there will be two full moons in Libra this time: one on September 23 and another on October 22. Is that a blue moon? It will be the blues for market players if they are long and it coincides with another one of those gut-wrenching October (Libra) declines again.

Longer-Term Thoughts

So is this a bull or is it a bear? The next week could provide very important clues, according to Financial Astrology. In fact, the entire period between now and Venus retrograde on October 8 is likely to be one of the craziest periods of the year.

Hold on to your seat belts. The Federal Reserve Board, with its Sun-Pluto in the first degrees of the cardinal signs Cancer and Capricorn, might be ready to push the pedal to the metal yet again when they meet on Tuesday, September 21. After all, it’s Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction, and the Sun in opposition to Jupiter. And the Fed chairman is a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian, with his own natal Sun in opposition to Jupiter. Somebody may need to impress upon him the dangers of the violating the stated speed limit (i.e. their charter). I think he’s going to do it again this Tuesday. I am just not sure if this time the market realizes that this spin is getting out of control and headed for a crash. Or does everybody line up to go for the ride of a lifetime? With Uranus, the only thing you know is that it can go up faster and higher than anyone thought, but then down faster and lower than anyone expected too.

September and October – it’s got some history for wild rides that appear likely to happen again this year, given these geocosmic signatures. And our FRB driver isn’t someone whose natal chart (December 13, 1953, Augusta, GA, time unknown) or recent actions suggest that he is about to change his behavior pattern and follow the law of the highway. Has he ever let up on the throttle since taking over at the wheel?  Does such a strong Sagittarian and Jupiter nature know how to do things modestly? But then again, he did save our ass by acting swiftly in the Panic of 2008 when no else – including the president and the president-to-be – had a clue what to do. He’s proven to be great in crisis. But can he prevent a crisis-to-be with these prolonged stimulus policies, with his promise of further ones to come if he deems it necessary?

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