Tuesday, September 7, 2010

T Theory fans - did you eat your apple AND tune in to the weekend SPX update?

If you appreciate Terry Laundry's T Theory™ then I sure hope you looked at his new charts about the S&P 500 index ($SPX) projections, and listened to his audio comments this past weekend! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and good technical analysis from different points of view keep a trader objective and poised. T Theory™ is a form of technical analysis that uses breadth and volume type measurements to gauge time and (to some extent) price. So why the reminder about Terry's weekend update? He's showing the potential that this market does not float upward from a bullish reverse head & shoulders pattern. Of course the price to beat is now last week's (Friday's) high, so shorts can use that as one type of stop level. Just keep an open mind about the potential of the October low we've considered for a long time now. Below are the links you should see and click on when you visit Terry Laundry's T Theory™ Observations: Terry Laundry's Weekly T Theory™ Observations for September 5 2010 at his http://www.ttheory.com/:

Todays Observations:


Download TTOAudio20100905

Chart Download 1995-Pres ADTs20100903pdf

Chart Download SRT20100903vopdf

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