Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trader Brian's latest list; plus, a few market comments of my own

Trader Brian has been generous in sharing his list of stock and ETF picks and positions. So for those keeping up (which may include some taking the KI$$ approach) (and of course, always exercise your own diligence and use proper money- and position-stop- management), here's his current list as of last night. If there was an item on it before that isn't now, assume it's been or being exited:
Update - from Trader Brian:
By weight:

Hmmm, how about that SDS with futures up? Well remember that Brian's approach is swing trading - and notice he's weight-adjusted as well, so gainers periodically are reaped in to take some profits. Also, the point is that a rally in a downtrend is an opportunity to sell, or to sell more. Most of us are thinking that the stock market is in mere bounce mode. Thus allowing any trapped longs to sell, and shorts to add on or take new short positions.

Did you notice the remark last week that Goldman Sachs is projecting a bearish head-and-shoulders target to or under 900 in the S&P 500? With that kind of thinking from the Street's "best and brightest", no wonder the market's been acting so heavy. Don't get overly cynical, but notice that the bounce seems to be showing up from the traditionally weak period around the 26th of a month, up toward the new money that tends to come in at the start of the next month. Ah... So many 401(k)'s, so little time ... LOL!

Bonds are interesting now because they've been inverse in price to stocks. Yet that's expected to change at some point - just likely not yet. Assume there's a bond bubble on and unless you're trading the intimate twists and turns daily, bond prices are in a general uptrend for now. We're just watching for when they eventually make a bearish topping pattern in the big picture.

That's all I've got time for now, as time remains the most precious commodity. (Speaking of which, we may want to track for topping in the agricultural commodity prices ...). As always, careful out there and happy market navigating!

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