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Geocosmic thunder ahead warns, be alert for extremes: Raymond Merriman's comments for 9/19/11 week

Big rides were what Raymond Merriman predicted last week, and they happened! The whole week turned into a big uptrend ride. Now it's time to be alert for extremes; and it seems we aren't guaranteed whether the markets will be contained by resistance - or support. I guess it won't be dull! So don't get complacent ... and do read Ray's preview below. Plus notice his Forecast 2012 book is announced for ordering! I don't get a fee from telling you this - I'll just be candid, I've really enjoyed his forecast books in the past and can't wait to see what's forecast for 2012! Now remember, Ray's comments below are in addition to his more detailed subscription services mentioned in his announcements section and at his website. He also analyzes other countries' markets, economy, the political climate, bonds, currencies and commodities. He also offers detailed paid subscription services (daily, weekly and monthly available, at his website always at the right side of the page here). Here are Ray's comments for the upcoming week, from his site at Merriman Market Analyst - MMA Cycles Weekly Preview Comments:

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning September 19, 2011

Written by Raymond Merriman

Review and Preview

The full moon on Monday, September 12, appears to have coincided with a major turning point in stock indices around the world. But that turn may be minor compared to the geocosmic signatures present around the new moon that is approaching September 27, especially if the market continues its rise into then. Sometimes this is the way markets move. That is, bottoms at full moons are followed by rallies into new moons.

The lows of early last week were followed by significant rallies in many markets. Of course, those rallies may just be corrective "bounces" off the severe declines that ended then. In the Pacific Rim and Asia, for instance, the Hang Seng index of Hong Kong fell to a new yearly low, taking out the low of August 9 by over 200 points. China's Shanghai Composite fell to 2439 last week, virtually a double bottom to its yearly low of 2437 on August 9. Japan's Nikkei Index fell to 8499, well below its lows of August, but within a double bottom range of its 8227 low on March 15, amidst all the disasters that struck that country during that week. Australia's All Ordinaries and India's Nifty indices also fell hard from highs in early September to their lows of early last week, but both remained above those world-wide lows of August 9. Thus we see several cases of intermarket bullish divergence in this region of the world off the lows of last week.

In Europe, the declines from the highs of the summer to the lows of last week's full moon were much more serious than anywhere else on the planet, largely due to the escalation of new banking crises from the troubled countries of the Eurozone. The German DAX, for example, fell from a multi-year high 7600 on May 2 (same date as the 23-month high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average), to a low of 4965 on Monday, September 12. That is a loss of nearly 35% in a country that was the model of economic success until July. When I was there in May and June, I was convinced that the "miracle" of Germany was a mirage. The finances of the government may be going well, but the finances of the people impressed me as precipitously close to great danger. The Netherlands AEX indices also fell to a new yearly low last week, on September 13. But both the FTSE of London and SMI of Zurich remained well above their August lows, for yet another case of intermarket bullish divergence in a specific region of the world (Europe).

In the Americas, there was no divergence between the lows of August 9 and the lows of early last week. The August lows remained the lows of the year, from the Merval in Argentina, to the Bovespa of Brazil, to both the DJIA and NASDAQ Composite in the USA. On Monday, September 12, the DJIA was trading as low as 10,824, not far from its yearly low of 10,604 on August 9. By Friday, September 16, it was trading well above 11,500, over 700 points above the low of Monday. Technically-speaking, this looks very positive. But the principles of Financial Astrology point to the possibility of a sudden disruption coming up, either right away or closer to the new moon the following week (see "Short-Term Geocosmics" below). In addition, we may be seeing a case of intermarket bearish divergence developing now as the NASDAQ is taking out its high of September 1 (highest price since the August 9 low), but the DJIA is still 200 points below its high of that time. This could be meaningful as we enter this geocosmic critical reversal turning point.

The German DAX is not the only financial market that is losing its luster of the summer. Gold, which made a new all-time high of 1923 on September 6, fell to a new two-week low, falling to 1765 on Friday, September 16, just ten days later. And the Euro and Swiss Franc have also fallen steeply this month as the Dollar continues to rally from its multi-year low of 72.86 on May 4 and secondary low of 73.15 on August 17. Early last week it was trading close to 78.00, its highest level in over 6 months. This fits well with our presentation given to the ICE traders last October ( We have another video just out today on You Tube at, describing our new book due out September 27, titled "The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 5: Price Objectives and Technical Analysis. It is the final volume of the 5-volume set that began in 1997. It is "the missing link." You may want to check this video out, as it contains some interesting long-term tips.

Short-Term Geocosmics

One of the most heavily populated geocosmic signatures of the year now starts September 16 and lasts through October 7. Of the 9 important geocosmic signatures unfolding, three will be Level 1 types, the strongest correlates to major reversals in financial markets as demonstrated in Volume 3 of the "Stock Market Timing" series. Those three occur September 17-23 (now).

There are two sets of planetary cycles in force between now and September 29. The first set involves the transit of Venus to the Uranus-Pluto square this weekend, September 17-18. The second set involves the Sun making the same T-square formation to Uranus and Pluto, September 25-28. The latter set involves the new moon in Libra. In a research study I conducted a few years ago on the October stock market crashes, it was observed that these "crashes" usually took place – or ended - on the new or full moon in Libra (the new or full moon with the Sun in Libra). So this new moon on September 27 may be especially significant if stock markets continue their current rallies into that time frame. Of course with Venus translating the Uranus-Pluto square first, it may be a real roller coaster – or rocket - ride between now and September 27.

In the mundane world, such transits as these pertain to unexpected, sudden, disruptive, and even shocking events or decisions. We note that the Federal Reserve Board will conduct an unusual 2-day meeting with its directors early this week. The expected purpose is whether or not to launch another quantitative easing program (QE3), or some sort of "twist" regarding the purchase or issuance of new Treasuries (i.e. maybe a new 50-year bond?). In the field of Financial Astrology, Venus rules assets and currency, Uranus rules the unexpected, and Pluto rules debt. With Uranus, nothing goes as expected. Market prices, for instance, do not stop at expected support or resistance zones. They blow right through, like a tornado on the plains of Texas, and investors become suddenly crazed as chaos reigns. All controls are lost. Of course this is just temporary (everything is these days), but in the heat of the battle and crisis, it seems like it will never end. Reason takes a holiday, as fear of losing control steps in.

These aspects are like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes, which are also ruled by Uranus. In fact it is also like a volcano eruption, which is ruled by Pluto. This is to imply that there may be a break in the stability of the system, or the foundation. What Japan went through in March of this year is symbolic of these very aspects. There becomes a greater awareness that change is urgently needed. With Pluto involved, we already know this is the case in regards to the world and national debt. Even the President seems to finally understand this now, or at least speaks as if he acknowledges it. But his choice to handle this urgency with yet another $457B stimulus package contains the very risks that are associated with Uranus square Pluto.

Between the meeting of the Fed governors and President Obama's demand for immediate approval of his newly formulated stimulus program, there are apt to be a few heavy storms brewing these next two weeks. Thunder and lightning, warnings to take shelter financially and physically, may dominate the headlines. If it was a war, it would be "shock and awe." But it's money and the bankers and a few politicians. Yet it might be just as scary as "shock and awe" in war, because something could happen – something could be decided - that we are totally unprepared for.

So what to do we do? Prepare for the unexpected, and prepare for financial markets to make very large price swings, taking out both support and resistance areas along the way. This is a time to trade the extremes, and not the usual boundaries. In personal business and relationship matters, this is the time to "think outside the box." Proposing and doing the same things that didn't work before won't likely work this time either. The risk is that it just makes things more critical and more dangerous. It is time to "re-set" and stop this "slow water-drip torture" soap opera. It is time to "Do the Bad Thing Good." But that takes a courage that political leaders just don't seem willing to exhibit (more stimulus spending isn't courage… it may be bold and it may involve risk, but it isn't courage).

It's a different kind of war we are fighting. It's not military – yet. But with Uranus in Aries, it could become military, as historically that is one of the ways that nations end up resolving their financial debts. That, or you execute the largest holders of your debt, as France did so ruthlessly and efficiently a couple of centuries ago (sound like Uranus in Aries?). Today, in the United States, that would be the Federal Reserve Board. Eliminate (or subsume) the Fed and you eliminate a huge portion of the federal debt. But then you have the even more frightening prospect of the nation's finances under the control of politicians.

Watch the Fed these next two weeks. It was born December 23, 1913. The Venus and Sun translations of the Uranus-Pluto square ties right into the Fed's natal Sun-Pluto opposition, forming a powerful cardinal grand square. Cardinal signs represent "new actions." And everyone is waiting for their after-meeting announcements this week. The market players are expecting good news, judging by the run up of stock prices. I am expecting something a little more wild, and in fact I am expecting something unexpected to come out of this meeting... maybe a reversal of policy that no one anticipated.

Longer Term Thoughts will resume next week.


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It is possible that some forecasts will be made based on these factors. However, the primary goal is to both educate and alert the reader as to the psychological climate we are in, from an astrological perspective. The hope is that it will help the reader understand these psychological dynamics that underlie (or coincide with) the news events and hence financial markets of the day.

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