Sunday, October 23, 2011

ChartsEdge forecasts for 10/24/11 week in equities and gold

Now that the markets did consolidate sideways last week, then started pushing up again - maybe the end-month dip buying will come early ("buy on Monday"?). Suddenly people see it's making higher highs, so the money flow may be stronger than you'd think - will see! Remember the saying: "if wrong, don't be wrong for long"! Below are this week's ChartsEdge forecasts look (thanks again, Mike Korell!). These are mainly a guide for highs and lows, not necessarily absolute price levels. Their month- and quarter-ahead guidance, along with daily forecast charts, are reserved for subscribers. ChartsEdge incorporates computer-analyzed cycles, pattern recognition, data on solar cycles, geocosmics and geomagnetics.

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