Friday, November 25, 2011

Can a cyclic low show up to relieve bad gambles' selling panic? Raymond Merriman's comments for 11/28/11 week

Optimism did indeed give way to pessimism in a big way this past week! Will a cyclic low bring some relief (even if merely to allow longs to sell, and shorts to reload)? We start our weekend analysis as usual with Raymond Merriman's unique blend of insight, financial astrology, and cycles expertise (thanks again, Ray!). These preview comments are in addition to his more detailed subscription services mentioned in his announcements section and at his website. He also analyzes other countries' markets, economy, the political climate, bonds, currencies and commodities. He also offers detailed paid subscription services (daily, weekly and monthly available, at his website always at the right side of the page here). Here are Ray's comments for the upcoming week, from his site at Merriman Market Analyst - MMA Cycles Weekly Preview Comments:

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning 2011-11-28

Written by Raymond Merriman

Review and Preview

It was a bad week for equity and commodities markets around the world. It was a bad week for Americans, its President, and Congress as well. It was the week that began with the Debt Reduction Super Committee's inability to agree to reduce the USA deficit by $1.2 trillion, thus moving the United States ever closer to yet another downgrade of its credit standing. With Uranus within orb of its waxing square to Pluto, all touching off key parts to the USA natal chart, it is coming – unless different choices will be made by leaders very soon, and different than we have witnessed in the past five months.

It was the week that the Sun moved out of the foreboding and ominous debt-related sign of Scorpio when changes could have and should have been made to secure the credit worthiness of the USA, paving the way for its entrance into Sagittarius where everyone would celebrate hard because hard decisions had made and the future looked bright again, But they failed to choose that Sagittarian possibility. Instead they chose the Sagittarian path of panic and hysteria because these decisions hadn't been made and the future suddenly looks harder and more out-of-control than anyone wanted to believe possible. They figured they could "kick that can down the road" again into the 2012 elections, when voters would make that decision for them. Never mind that voters just made that decision a year ago.

The only problem is that the credit rating agencies may not wait that long before downgrading the USA creditworthiness for a second consecutive time – another first in USA history. The markets didn't like the government's choice to not make a choice. The USA stock market sold off. In fact, according to Friday's Wall Street Journal, this was the worst Thanksgiving week since 1942, when Thanksgiving was officially declared to be the fourth Thursday of November. Usually it is a week of gains, and in particular, the day before and the day after Thanksgiving are two of the most consistent up days in stocks of any days in the year. Not this time. In fact, its performance was the worst in nearly 70 years.

In Sagittarius, everything is big and exaggerated. It's usually positive because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and both represent the principal of hope and optimism. But they are also associated with the principals of risk-taking and gambling. What happens when Mercury is turning retrograde as well? You take a risk, raise the ante, bluff your opponent, and then your hand is called out. You have nothing to back up your exaggerative and over-confident posturing. Instead of winning big, you lose it all. Instead of celebrating, you panic, because this isn't the way it was supposed to turn out. This is how the USA economy is played in the game of political poker - with taxpayers' monies and future - in the 21st century.

But there are things to remember about how markets function, at least to a technical analyst. For one thing, there are rules for bull markets. In bull markets, each cycle high and each cycle low of the same cycle type is higher than the prior one. If we look at the behavior of the market over the past few weeks, we will see that this bullish characteristic is still in play. For example, nearly all of the world's markets made long-term cycle lows in late September or early October. They all rose sharply into our three-star critical reversal zone of October 28-31, some appreciating as much as 20-30%, as in Europe. In the USA, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved from a yearly low of 10,404 on October 4 to a high of 12,284 on October 27, a gain of 18% in a little over three weeks. That pattern happened all over the world.

But the study of cycles consistently illustrates that corrective declines take place every 5-7 weeks a primary cycle trough (80% rate of frequency), or if that skips, then a more serious decline into weeks #8-10. Last week was the 7th week since October 4, and prices of all equities are declining into this period from the highs of October 27-31. And so far, none of these declines have been lower than the lows of late September and early October, except in Japan. Not only that, but in many cases, the decline has only been in the normal 40-60% retracement zone of the move up from October 4-28. The decline in the DJIA, for instance, has been to a low of 11,243 on Friday, November 25. This is a correction of 55% of the previous move up. So far, this is within the range of "normal." Yet it seems everyone is ready to panic. Everyone is ready to be the negative side of Sagittarius, just because politicians and political leaders are behaving badly. Well, if any sign knows how to do "the bad thing good," it is Sagittarius. However, they can also be gamblers, and when they lose, they lose big and then it becomes evident that they do everything bad and big. The politicians gambled big last week and neither side gave in, and now we all stand to lose big time.

Last week didn't produce the happy ending that Sagittarius and Jupiter count on. It didn't produce the happy ending that I projected last week could occur, based on my own understanding of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus traveling into and through Sagittarius, and the historical seasonality of stock prices rallying so consistently on the days surrounding Thanksgiving. But the "good will" of all that is in contrast to the reality of the ever enveloping waxing square between Uranus and Pluto, which will hang over world political and banking leaders for the next three years like a gathering storm cloud suffering constipation, getting bigger and bigger, more and more ominous, and ready to burst at any moment. We already saw signs of this suffering when Uranus and Pluto came within one degree of exactness last July and August. The agonizing spectacle of Congress and the president struggling to reach a debt ceiling limit reprieve, finally secured at the very last moment, but leading to the economic diagnosis from the S&P credit rating agency that the USA financial health system was in a deteriorating state – its financial well-being was downgraded for the first time ever. And now, 3 months later, the diagnosis is reconfirmed through the unwillingness of the patient to take its diagnosis seriously. The condition is worsening. At some point, as the Uranus–Pluto square will unleash its full force, and all that Pluto waste will come crashing down.

Here is why it was a bad week for President Obama. He took another huge gamble with America's future, and of course his own future. He bluffed that by sticking to the idea that taxes on the wealthiest must be raised, American's would buy into his campaign fight that these wealthy people are not paying their "fair share" and that's why the economy is suffering. It was a gamble because he knows that the 2010 election was mandate against his wishes for higher taxes to anyone. The Republicans had a major victory, with most being elected on the promise not to raise taxes. So by making that the "line in the sand" to reduce the deficit by the needed $1.2 T, he gambled that Republicans would go against their campaign promise rather than accept deep cuts in the military budget, their "sacred cow." Of course, by doing this, he risked deep cuts that would also take place in social entitlement programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, sacred cows of his own Democratic party. The Republicans couldn't back down from their promise of new taxes this time as they did in 1990, but instead they did offer a sizable "tax revenue enhancer" of cutting back on tax loopholes, which would result in a lot more revenue for the country than simply raising the tax rate of those who make over $250,000. But he didn't take it. His campaign posturing had already begun, and it was centered on this idea of the wealthy "paying their fair share" of taxes, not by taking away their sacred "tax loop holes," because after all, don't those people who contribute the most to presidential campaigns benefit from those loopholes the most? And as far as "fair share" of taxes, according to the Tax Foundation, the "dreaded top 1% earn about 20% of income today (in America)… and they also pay 37% of the federal income taxes," according to Arthur Brooks in a Wall Street Journal article on November 25.

Yet that is not why it was a bad week for Mr. Obama. It was a bad week because when he returned last Monday from his trip to Australia, just as the Debt Reduction Super Committee was about to announce its failure in his absence, the Wall Street Journal printed an explosive opinion piece titled "The Hillary Moment." Written by well-known Democratic Party strategists Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen, the article was a passionate appeal for President Obama to step down from running for a second term. "President Obama can't win by running a constructive campaign, and he won't be able to govern if he does win a second term," the article stated. It went on to argue, "By going down the re-election road and into partisan mode, the president has effectively guaranteed that the remainder of his term will be marred by the resentment and division that have eroded our national identity, common purpose, and most of all, our economic strength… If President Obama is not willing to seize the moral high ground and step aside, then the … Democratic leaders in Congress… must urge the president not to seek re-election." Bam! From leaders within his own party! And this was then doubled down by liberal news commentator Chris Matthews, who was an ardent supporter before, in a YouTube video gone viral, titled. "The Thrill is Gone" (

It was a bad week for the markets. It was a bad week for Obama. It's a harbinger of what is to come under Uranus square Pluto. But you know what? The stock market decline of last week broke some important support. And reversal zones with Uranus involved can just as easily become breakouts as reversals. Breakouts begin with support levels breaking down. But the most important support zones – the 40-60% correction areas - are still holding. It may reverse yet, or if the DJIA breaks below 10,950, we know we have something to really worry about. And the same is true with Obama's re-election chances. Despite the fact that he took a huge gamble with America's economic future last week, and despite the fact that so many within his own party are starting to turn on him, he is still the incumbent and transits to his own natal chart still show his power potentially growing in the world, for better or worse. He can still win and it very unlikely that he will take "the moral high ground" that Cadell and Schoen pleaded with him to take. Chances are that is not part of his game plan. After all, he is a Leo. What Leo would ever realize he/she is the issue? No. In his world, where that Leo Sun and Mercury is squared by Neptune, he is the rescuer, the savior, who might also be the underdog and victim. That's his world. And that is how the election is going to be framed, especially now that transiting Chiron and Neptune are about to square his natal Moon, and move into opposition to his own natal Pluto. This is just a different reality than most of us live in. The challenge will be to connect the two.

But you know what I still can't understand? How is it unfair that 1% of the people make 20% of the nation's income, and then pay 37% of its taxes? And why will raising their taxes make more of a difference to solving our financial debt problem than eliminating the tax loopholes that account for so much more lost revenues? Doesn't that mean less money for consumers to spend, which is really the key to raising revenues by climbing out of this high rate of unemployment problem? Why does raising anyone's taxes in a financial crisis, as well as defeating a balanced budget amendment (yes, that was defeated in Congress too last week) help us get back onto on the road to fiscal sanity and economic control of our destiny? In an economy that continues to fall further and further into debt and risk threat of further downgrades, how can raising taxes on anyone and refusing to balance a budget be considered fiscally responsible? Answer me that!

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