Monday, December 26, 2011

Tour of analytical talent gives more tells for traders on markets' futures

Traders want an edge and we strive to provide that, in our own work and in sharing the best and brightest. While we do feature posts of the consistently best analysis each week, this 3-day holiday weekend allows me to kick back and share a "tour of talent" from other fine analysts looking to January and the new year.

I'm going to post the links here by adding to this list through the day today. So as you browse and check 'em out, also check back later to see what else I'm adding as the day rolls on:

We'll start with Alex Roslin who posts a weekly update at his "COTs Timer" blog I feature in the list at right (non-mobile version of this website), on his assessments from the Commitments of Traders. He has a good way of analyzing the signals from this way of peeling into the hands held by traders (big and small) held around the big "tables" in the financial markets. His update last Friday is noteworthy: "COTs Timer: S&P 500 and Copper Bearish - And a Great Big Ho Ho Ho!" - December 23, 2011 update at:

We always enjoy Phil Davis who runs the "Phil's Stock World" website and also posts often at Seeking Alpha. If you are comfortable trading options, you probably should be one of his followers or members, if you can keep up. I don't agree with all his views especially outside straight market analysis. But do read his article, "Can we survive without QE3" 12/14/11 at SeekingAlpha,

The McClellan folks are taking a look at something we've covered before (see my posts on the "sunspots cycles" under the "Cycles - Other" topic here (also in the non-mobile version of this site). See their newest "Weekly Chart in Focus: Are Traders Really Just Driven By the Sun?" - McClellan Financial; December 23, 2011, at

Investor sentiment: The bulls aren’t buying it « Investment Postcards from Cape Town, 12/16/11, at

Marc Faber: Money printing dicates market movements « Investment Postcards from Cape Town, 12/18/11, at

Long-Bond Yield: How Low Can It Go? | Carl Swenlin | FINANCIAL SENSE, December 16, 2011, at

I didn't stumble across this until now - just over a year after its December 10, 2010 publication date. But as a big-picture analysis, it's remarkably intriguing and very much still in potential play. Check it out, "After the Santa Rally: A Technical Analysis" - at Planet Yelnick,

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