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Financial volatility to favor traders, not savers: Raymond Merriman's 2/13/12 week comments

Gravity, or a reality slap, arrived yesterday. It may be a precursor to market moves in both directions favoring speculators, not investors or savers. So warns Raymond Merriman - here are his comments on this and more (thanks again, Ray!). These discussions of stocks, bonds, currencies, precious metals, crude oil, and other financial and economic matters are in addition to his analyses of other countries' markets, economy, and the social and political climate. Ray also provides detailed paid subscription services (daily, weekly and monthly) for the various markets, at his website always at the right side of the page. Here are Ray's comments for the upcoming week, from his site at Merriman Market Analyst - MMA Cycles Weekly Preview Comments:

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning February 13, 2012

Written by Raymond Merriman

Review and Preview

Last week started out positively enough. Stock markets around the world rallied smartly into Thursday, February 9. Some were at their highest levels in three years, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ Composite. Many others, like the European indices and the Hang Seng, were at their highest levels since the breakdown last July-August that followed the downgrade of the USA credit worthiness by the S&P rating agency. You may remember that this downgrade occurred as transiting Uranus and Pluto came within one degree of their exact square, a preview of what might be expected in 2012-2015 when they actually enter into the exact square formation.

But as disturbing as the 20-35% declines in world equity markets were last summer, it may pale compared to what happened on Friday, February 10, shortly after the new bailout for Greece was announced and new austerity measures were demanded of its citizens. Violent protests erupted in the streets of Athens and government workers went on strike, crippling the nation and threatening once again to upend the European Union experiment into disaster and chaos.

Once again the events of late last week coincided with a geocosmic setup that was connected to the forthcoming waxing square of Uranus and Pluto. That is, transiting Venus is in the midst of making its translation to Uranus and Pluto, February 9-15. Venus conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto on these dates respectively. Welcome to yet another preview of what is coming to a government near you this year, next year, and the year after. And it is all related to the exploding world-wide debt crisis. Uranus pertains to explosive and unsettling actions by the masses, and Pluto pertains to the debt crisis. The aspect isn't exact, but the writing is on the walls, er, in the heavens. And so far, no solutions are being offered in a manner that the masses will accept.

Stock markets abruptly ended their rallies on Friday, February 10, as many sold off. Investors fled stocks and headed for the safety of U.S. Treasuries and the U.S. Dollar, which is baffling, given that the U.S. itself remains on watch for further downgrades regarding its own inability to reign in its massive debt and spending addictions. If Greece is burning, out of protest of more austerity demands, the same may not be far off in the future for other countries in Europe, plus Japan and possibly the United States.

And you know what? Austerity is the primary way in which we are going to come out of these dire straits, as suggested by the forthcoming mutual reception of Saturn in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn (October 2012-September 2015). That's the positive way this will get resolved, given that these planets will also be in a favorable sextile to one another, if political leaders would just level with their citizens and start the discussion on developing a 5-8 year plan to rebuild the world financial system, instead of falsely promising miracles and magical bullets that do not exist. Why 5-8 years? Because that is how long it will take Saturn and Pluto to end their waning phase once the waning sextile commences (late 2012 through 2013). January 2020 is when they will end their 19-year waning phase and begin a new conjunction cycle. It is going to take that long to get out of this situation – if the process of putting into place austerity measures is agreed upon. The sooner we can recover and start supporting our leaders in this inevitable process, the greater the likelihood that we will come out of this twilight zone. The only problem is that this is an election year, and politicians believe that austerity measures won't win votes. But maybe honest assessments and discussions will. It does seem to be keeping Ron Paul in the hunt.

Gold, Silver, and European currencies also took a hit on Friday. However, by the end of the day, traders seemed to realize that these geopolitical events might actually be favorable for the precious metals. They may be slow sometimes, but they aren't dumb. Or am I suffering from another case of projection?

Short-Term Geocosmics

This was a perfect time for a surprise event to strike the world, and especially financial markets, for right now is right in the middle of a time band containing an abundance of geocosmic signatures stretching from February 1 through February 19.

In fact, Venus was in conjunction to Uranus on February 9 as many of the stock indices made their new multi-month and even multi-year highs. Venus conjunct Uranus is a powerful Level 1 reversal signature as reported in "The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles." Could that be the high we have been looking for as Jupiter completes it trek through the early degrees of Taurus, which historically has correlated with long-term cycle crests in stock indices? It's possible, but far too early to confirm. But then again, that is the beauty of geocosmic signatures and Financial Astrology that sets it apart from other forms of market analysis: they are leading indicators, not lagging indicators, as are most technical studies, which we also use and need in order to confirm the completion of longer term cycles, as elucidated in Volume 5 of the Stock Market Timing series.

As stated in the introduction, another geocosmic pattern to take note of at this time is the translation of Venus. It formed a conjunction to Uranus on February 9 and it will form a square aspect to Pluto on Wednesday, February 15. Therefore Venus is "translating" the forthcoming Uranus-Pluto square, offering us a preview of what to expect when these two powerhouses (Uranus and Pluto) come into square from June 2012 through March 2015. Violent protests are erupting in Greece over the proposed austerity measures related to the ongoing debt crisis explosion, and stock markets sold off sharply. But these developments also tie into Mars retrograde in Virgo. As explained in this column leading up to that transit (January 21-April 14), this would likely be a period when workers in different parts of the world could go on strike, thus causing disruptions to the supply chain of needed goods. You see, the events of today are unfolding in many manifestations related to themes of Financial and Mundane Astrology. And that is exactly why Mundane and Financial Astrology are valuable tools of understanding – and forecasting – world conditions as well as financial markets.

It's going to be one hell of an interesting year. Just don't get too comfortable with the polls or the trends. Everything changes quickly, and if you aren't on top it, you could be buried by being behind the times. This period is a speculator's paradise, and an investor's worst nightmare. And I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be a saver these days.

Longer-Term Thoughts

"There falls a shadow between the conception and the creation. In the annals of innovation, new ideas are only part of the idea. Execution is just as important." Walter Issacson, developing an idea of T.S. Elliot, in his biography of "Steve Jobs,"

"Answer me that!" It was a command from Mary, the feisty Black-American who waited on me at the Publix deli counter in Key Largo, Florida last November, when I was writing "Forecast 2012." She was short but stout, and had intense eyes that burrowed into you as if she was angry. But she wasn't angry. In fact, she turned to be an incredibly charming woman, once you got to know her a little better.

I took a paper tab with a number on it to secure my place in line. She called my number. I stepped up and placed my order for Boar's Head turkey. After serving me, she called the next number. Frank, our cook, who is a bit of a jokester, answered to the next number Mary called, and when she asked for his ticket, he said he was with me. "If you are with him and don't have a number, then why did you answer when I called a number? Answer me that!" She seemed genuinely upset that Frank did not know her rules, or worse, didn't play by them.

Frank was flustered by her directness. But I thought, "You know… that's a good quote to use at the end of my weekly columns. I can ask questions of the world, of political leaders, and end it with "Answer me that!" I told Mary I was going to put her words in print, and she immediately flashed me that great smile, with all those gold teeth (that caught my attention real quick). She warmed right up and said if I needed a place to share a Thanksgiving meal, come on over to her house and share the festivities with her family. So, at the end of these columns, you now often see the command, "Answer me that!" Because like Franco, I think some people – some leaders - may be stepping out of line, and I would like to know why, or what they are really thinking.

After last week's column, I got another dose from readers equivalent to "Answer me that!" One in particular asked why my recent columns have been so negative of President Obama when he was really only trying to help people. Another thanked me for reminding him of "The Republican point of view."

In response the first question, I thought of the quote above from the "Steve Jobs" biography, stating that ideas are only part of the process of real innovation. The more important part is execution, and here is where it seems that our leaders of this century have been wanting. And if I have been too negative regarding President Obama, readers of a liberal persuasion can take heart in the fact that I was equally critical in this column of Presidents Bush and Clinton before him. I am, after all, an equal opportunity critic. I am even critical of myself, although as a political independent (and a critical one at that), I am probably more like most Americans than the readers of my columns. That is, I am at heart socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but we never seem to get a choice of that combination for our nation's leadership. It is just my opinion, but to me it seems that one side wants to overregulate what goes on in our boardrooms and the other side wants to overregulate what goes on in our bedrooms.

With Uranus in Aries, I think that people are going to demand a government (and its leadership) that is more connected with them. That is, they will want leaders who understand the importance of a healthy balance between closeness and separation. They want leaders who understand them, but at the same time leaders who don't get overinvolved in their daily lives and business activities. And it's not just a government to its own people. It also governments overreaching into the governments of other nations. It's just like love and really, every healthy relationship. If you really want a relationship to work, you have to strike that alchemical balance between closeness and distance. You can't be too needy and overinvolved, and at the same time you can't be so distant and aloof that no one really knows who you are and what you really stand for. This is yet another message imbedded in the principles of Uranus (distance) and Pluto (closeness).

For a break along these lines, check out It's a classic. It will give you hope as we go through these remarkable and challenging times. We can do this.


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It is possible that some forecasts will be made based on these factors. However, the primary goal is to both educate and alert the reader as to the psychological climate we are in, from an astrological perspective. The hope is that it will help the reader understand these psychological dynamics that underlie (or coincide with) the news events and hence financial markets of the day.

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