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Stocks seeking a low? Raymond Merriman's 5/21/12 week preview comments

Mid-May didn't help the markets yet, but will the new moon Sunday help bring a turnaround? Let's see what Raymond Merriman can share with his insights from cycles blended with financial astrology this weekend (thanks again, Ray!). These discussions of stocks, bonds, currencies, precious metals, crude oil, and other financial and economic matters are in addition to his analyses of other countries' markets, economy, and the social and political climate. Ray also provides detailed paid subscription services (daily, weekly and monthly) for the various markets, at his website always at the right side of the page. Here are Ray's comments for the upcoming week, from his site at Merriman Market Analyst - MMA Cycles Weekly Preview Comments:

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning May 21, 2012

Written by Raymond Merriman

Please note that there will be no weekly column issued next, for the week of May 28, due to the UAC conference taking place May 24-29 in New Orleans, LA ( We hope to see many of you there. That next week was also be a holiday week in the U.S.A., which celebrates Memorial Day, Monday May 28. U.S. markets will be closed that day.

Review and Preview

Ah! How good was last week for Gold and Silver traders using market timing studies like cycles and geocosmics for buying and selling! Both metals are at the end of a time band when a primary cycle trough is due. May 15 was the day that the powerful Venus retrograde took place, which was described in the past few columns and all of our subscription reports (monthly, weekly, and daily) as one of the strongest and most consistent geocosmic signatures to market reversals as demonstrated in our published studies.

On the evening of May 15, and before markets opened the next morning in the USA, June Gold bottomed at 1526.70. This was slightly below the 1528.60 low this same June contract made on December 29, but above the 1523 low that the nearby February contract made at the same time, for a case of bullish divergence. It was also a case of intermarket bullish divergence to Silver, because July Silver fell to 2673, well above the nearby contract low of 2614 also on December 29. And then both metals rallied smartly, with June Gold testing 1600 and July Silver soaring to nearly 2900 by Friday. Market timing doesn’t get any better than that, and Financial Astrology nailed it precisely to the date (well, within 24 hours), which is why Financial Astrology does provide that extra market timing edge for serious traders.

Yet the same correlation of Venus retrograde has not yet kicked in with equity markets around the world. They continue to spiral down in response to the rapidly increasing crisis in the Euro Union banking situation. As written before, the Venus retrograde can have an orb of as much as 12 trading days either side of its event, although usually it will find its bottom or top within a week. But so much damage has been done to equities that the odds have appreciated considerably that the high of the four-year cycle is in. Therefore a reversal from a low that is now forming may very well not take out the highs of March-May in world indices. It also suggests that the highs correlating with Jupiter in transit between 23º Aries and 7º Taurus worked right on time in stock indices throughout the world, except in the USA. Most of these indices completed their 4-year cycle crest in May 2011 with a double top in July 2011, when it was due. When Jupiter retrograded back to 0-7º Taurus from October 7, 2011 through March 7, 2012, all indices rallied again. But only the U.S. indices made new multi-year highs slightly afterwards. The S&P for instance topped out March 27, 2012 when Jupiter reached 12º Taurus. The DJIA topped out on May 1 as Jupiter touched 20º Taurus. All have now broken many long-term support points, as discussed in last week’s MMA Cycles Report, signaling that the bull market could be over. The next rally and its following pullback will be required to confirm that outlook.

Stock markets around the globe plummeted all week. In the Far East and Pacific Rim, the Hang Seng of Hong Kong, Nifty of India, and Nikkei index of Japan all fell to their lowest level since January. The Shanghai Composite of China is the only one that made a modest corrective decline, as it held well above its lows of December and March. If you are looking for an index to buy in this reversal zone, this is the one that looks strongest.

In Europe, every market fell hard last week as well. The German DAX looked the best as it fell only to its lowest level since January. The Zurich SMI didn’t look that bad either, although it declined to its lowest level since December. But in both cases, these lows are only normal corrections from the low of last summer to the high of spring. The Netherlands AEX and London FTSE look far worse, falling to their lowest levels since November 2011. Russia’s MICEX looked even worse, perhaps reflecting the discontent and protests over the recent elections.

The American indices fell throughout the week too, with the worst being the Merval Index of Argentina, which plunged to its lowest level since May 2010. Brazil’s Bovespa also fell hard to its lowest level since October 2011. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite declined to their lowest levels since January, but in both cases, those declines were close to a 50% corrective retracement of the move up from their lows of November 25, 2011 to their highs of April and May 2012. Although these later two indices are breaking many important support zones, they haven’t broken enough to completely confirm the bull market is dead. There is a still a chance of a significant rally as Jupiter moves into Gemini, June 11, 2012 through June 27, 2013, and especially into August-November 2012.

Short-Term Geocosmics

An important solar eclipse occurs on May 20 as both the Sun and Moon enter the first degree of a new sign, Gemini. Three days later, the Sun will form a waxing square to the Neptune, on Wednesday, May 23. Usually this combination correlates with a high in stocks, but this time it will be a low, if anything. With an eclipse and Neptune involved, it can signify a period of great confusion and uncertainty, and maybe some mischief going on behind the scenes. Neptune can be deceptive, especially when involved in a hard aspect with another planet (or the sun). It tends to be evasive, distracting the attention of others from the real issues at hand. We certainly see this dynamic at work in the campaign for the U.S. presidency now. It is getting difficult to tell the difference between facts and negative innuendos concerning the character of the candidates. Under hard Neptune aspects, especially with an eclipse in Gemini, rumors rule the day and the truth may be nowhere to be found. If it is, then the perpetrators of the deception experience great embarrassment. It is interesting that Facebook launched its IPO under these signatures, given its early history alleging sabotage and betrayal, two classical expressions of a negative Neptune.

There is – was – another geocosmic matter of importance last week involving the transit of Jupiter. It was in conjunction to Mercury in the chart of the New York Stock Exchange, often referred to as “The Buttonwood Agreement” of May 17, 1792. As you can see, last week was also the solar return (birthday) of the NYSE. But transiting Jupiter was conjunct Mercury, which would normally be considered bullish – except that in this NYSE chart, Mercury squares Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto in hard aspect can symbolize the potential for a large loss. Stockholders around the world certainly felt large losses last week under this transit. That appears ready to change now that the new moon and solar eclipse move on to Gemini, and Jupiter moves forward towards a conjunction to the NYSE Sun, May 29-June 4, at 27º Taurus. Usually that’s positive as a wave of optimism comes to the stock market. If not, then a negative Jupiter-Sun would be panic and hysteria, especially following a solar eclipse in square aspect to Neptune.

Longer-Term Thoughts

“… unless current law is amended before year end, the stock market has to fall at least 30 percent.” – Donald Luskin, Wall Street Journal “The 2013 Fiscal Cliff Could Crush Stocks,” May 5, 2012.

Are you ready for the first quarter phase of the 112-142 year Uranus-Pluto cycle?

This is the big one and it is the first time these two planets have been in a square aspect since 1931-1934. It will make its first of seven passages on June 24, 2012. It will make its seventh and final passage on March 17, 2015. It has already been within 1 degree of its exact square in late July through early August of last summer. You may remember that was when the USA Congress and the White House struggled to finally agree on lifting the nation’s debt ceiling limit above $14 trillion. This was immediately followed by the first downgrade ever of the USA’s credit worthiness by the S&P rating agency. Several European nations have had their credit rating downgraded even more than one notch this year, so this planetary powerful is alive and well and doing what Financial and Mundane Astrologers would expect from it: good credit is hard to find, bad credit and debt is everywhere. And the next debt ceiling will arrive before the Presidential Election in early November. Things don’t get any easier in the heavens between now and then.

Pluto represents “debt” and Uranus signifies “explosion,” and the world is certainly undergoing the “debt explosion” now, and will be experiencing its consequences for the next couple of years, and perhaps even into 2020 when Saturn will finally conjunct Pluto and start a new cycle of fiscal behavior – usually a more responsible financial behavior.

Pluto also rules banks, and in hard aspect to Uranus, it can coincide with runs on banks. Last week witnessed bank runs in Greece and Spain, as hundreds (maybe thousands) of people withdrew their deposits back from banks to the tune of nearly $1 trillion.

Pluto also rules taxes, and as politically astute individuals are aware, capital gains taxes in the USA are set to double in January 2013 and taxes on dividends will nearly triple – as in “cripple” the stock market. To avoid those higher taxes, investors and holders of dividend paying stocks will need to sell out by the end of this year. That too may be playing a role as to why so many stock indices are falling now. Now one wants to get caught in the stampede that will surely happen by the end of this year if the proposed changes in these taxes are not repealed. Contrary to faulty logic, these taxes will not bring in more revenues. They will just escalate the financial crisis and lead to a massive sell off in stocks, which in turn means a massive loss of wealth for both the nation in terms of lost tax revenues (not gains) and for businesses that need investors to provide capital for them to produce goods and hire - instead of fire - employees. I know this is not a popular thought in today’s class warfare climate, but it is reality.

Given that Uranus will be in the early stages of its seven passage square to Pluto at the end of this year, it would be unwise to assume that the new taxes that are due to commence will be repealed. Of course, one can always “hope for change,” hope for understanding to avoid the crush that is about to befall stock markets otherwise. But with Uranus and Pluto, I can’t think of more telling geocosmic signature that could pertain to bank runs and a stampede to exit financial markets and institutions. But let’s not be totally negative. Miracles do happen, and changes do take place whenever Uranus is involved in any relationship to other planets – even Pluto. It all depends on choices, and the intention behind those choices. Is it personal power (Pluto) or collective freedom (Uranus) that lead to these decisions?

We need more miracles – any miracle – out of Washington D.C., and fewer grievances, before January 1, 2013. Otherwise we are going to know what a lemming feels like at the end of its cycle. There is a cliff approaching for those in stocks who follow leaders who are lost and don’t know the way in regards to the economy, and perhaps too proud or stubborn to admit it. Words do matter, for they can inspire and provide hope. But so do numbers, which if understood and not manipulated for personal bias, can lead one to correct actions that result in growth.


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It is possible that some forecasts will be made based on these factors. However, the primary goal is to both educate and alert the reader as to the psychological climate we are in, from an astrological perspective. The hope is that it will help the reader understand these psychological dynamics that underlie (or coincide with) the news events and hence financial markets of the day.

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