Sunday, March 22, 2015

ChartsEdge 3/23/15 week forecasts for stocks & gold

Below are Mike's ChartsEdge cycle-based forecasts for the upcoming week in $SPX and gold (thanks again Mike!). His subscribers receive these for Nasdaq too, plus additional features and updates. His website is Sometimes he also gives weekly commentary too, at or by Twitter at @ChartsEdge. Totally un-affiliated with ChartLines; I just have the opportunity to share them here, and do. These are the cycle-based charts, meaning forecasts comprising an integrated view of cycles in this time frame. These are mainly a guide for highs and lows, not necessarily absolute price levels. Mike also uses other methods to generate daily updates for intraday, plus month- and quarter-ahead guidance, reserved for subscribers (I believe you're missing out if you don't see the additional forecasting he provides to subscribers for a very reasonable fee). ChartsEdge incorporates computer-analyzed cycles, pattern recognition, data on solar cycles, and geomagnetics. =============

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