Sunday, July 17, 2016

ChartsEdge 7/18/16 week forecast for $SPX stocks

Interesting times in the markets--we like to consider cycles that may help lift or conversely pull down on stock prices. So here's my usual sharing of Mike's week-ahead cycles-based forecast.  He uses different techniques; this is only his cycles-based forecast for the S&P 500 stocks index $SPX.  The levels shown are mostly for illustrative purposes only.  His chart is an interesting composite of what his system foresees based on juxtaposition of long-term and shorter-term cycles (thanks again Mike!). His subscribers also receive his daily intraday sensor-based projections, and his week-ahead cycles forecasts for $NDX (which can be different) and Gold, plus month-ahead and quarter-ahead views for all three; plus additional features from time to time. His website is Totally un-affiliated with ChartLines; I just have the opportunity to share the $SPX weekly here. These are mainly a guide for highs and lows, not necessarily absolute price levels. Mike also uses other methods to generate daily updates, plus month- and quarter-ahead guidance, reserved for subscribers (I believe you're missing out if youu don't see the subscribers features for a very reasonable fee). ChartsEdge incorporates computer-analyzed cycles, pattern recognition, data on solar cycles, and geomagnetics.

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