Thursday, February 4, 2010

ChartsEdge equities forecasts - TCI update and BP map for Feb. 4

Mike Korell with his ChartsEdge keeps things interesting - thanks again Mike! Today he's providing a Trader Confidence Index (TCI) update for swing traders, plus his BP map for daytraders (remember the BP is a more robust forecast when it synchs up with his Pattern Recognition map when available, plus today's portion of his weekly cycle-based forecast chart). The TCI pointing a high in 1-2 trading days implies that we may see a higher SPX level Friday or Monday. I'd started to wonder if we'd see a triangle rather than a zigzag abc to finish the pullback bounce before the next big downswing which could target 1030-1050 ... Will see! But back to the ChartsEdge forecasts - From Mike's Daily Maps site at

TCI and BP

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