Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stock market warning and ChartsEdge forecast commentary for August 18, 19

Traders who keep up with Mike Korell's ChartsEdge work know that he's discussed a high for this week for today, 8/18. We posted his public week-ahead cycle forecast earlier this week too. And I posted up other and others' warnings recently, so pay attention...! Risks are high that we get a decent folliwthrough up today in the stock market but it turns down substantially after today. Now check out his post below (and subscribers to his work at the subscribers' page also know what he's been saying in his daily update charts and commentaries about patterns and levels); it's extra interesting because there has been significant solar activity recently. I've done a post about the solar cycles effect and I should do an update because I hear the solar activity is now forecast to be unusually heavy over the next few years... Anyway, this from Mike Korell is as shown on his public page at

ChartsEdge: Solar storm effect on August 19th

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