Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trader Brian returns as the market falters; some thoughts on directions

Folks if you've been following our posts you know that we've been expecting an important swing high in the markets for a very long time now - since December 2009, in fact! Actually since summer 2009 at least based on Terry Laundry's T Theory (Tm). You can quibble if it's yesterday [PS- wasn't it neat to see Mike Korell's warning about the solar event forecast for today, materialize with the predicted bearishness?!], August 21 or 26, or August 31; but the exact date is a minor detail compared to the significance. The real focus has to shift to whether the ensuing low will complete in October, or wave downward for much longer than that. Meanwhile, "Trader Brian" has returned - welcome back from immersion in fatherhood, man! My readers especially swing traders who like specific stocks as well as ETF plays should be happy to see him return. I apologize that he sent this last night and I didn't manage to post until now - but the nature of his time frame is that it's still good. KI$$ swing traders should appreciate that he adds info on target and stop levels. As always, these cannot be "advice or recommendations" so do your own diligence. And don't forget to TMAR (take money and run!) profits when targets are met, even if it's just your own personal goal such as reaping an established percent. After you TMAR, enjoy then chill and refocus because in the markets there's always a new game on!

So, let's see what Trader Brian's doing. Here we go:
Wednesday, August 18, 8:59 pm

Hey - I've been super busy with the girls, but have gotten back to a little stock action and writing.
We still might have a weak break to SPY 1129ish, but I'll be shorting on the way up.

Long by weight:
SDS (added more),
POT (added another chunk),
CMG (added 1/4),
AUY (10.75 and 11.23 targets),
SXCI 73.38 stop,
MELI 66.37 stop,
X (a break over 50.35 I'll double down until the mid 50s,

Hope trading is good!


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