Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ChartsEdge revised $SPX forecast for 6/27/11 week

From Mike Korell: "This is a midweek update which takes into account the strength of the market on Monday and Tuesday.". Mike issued it this morning to subscribers (including also the month-ahead and quarter-ahead); I just couldn't get this week-ahead part posted until now. From Mike Korell's ChartsEdge, for this upcoming week. Remember that it's primarily to get a sense for highs and lows, not necessarily absolute price levels. While the month- and quarter-ahead guidance, along with day-ahead forecast charts, are reserved for subscribers, the week-ahead set is shared publicly, see below (thanks again, Mike!). ChartsEdge also incorporates data on solar cycles, geocosmics and geomagnetics. Their forecasts come in several types for subscribers using not just computer-analyzed cycles but also beta waves and pattern recognition. There's additional info on that at his website (and some is also at my "UBTNB3" blog), see links above and at the right side of the page here.

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