Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is this the week of a multi-year high? Randall Ashbourne's "Eye of Ra" report for 3/12/12 week

Is this upcoming week destined to be a multi-year high? That's what Randall Ashbourne is looking at this weekend, in his commentary and charts analysis at his website,
Maybe "RA" only is an acronym for Randall Ashbourne, although I suspect it's at least a pun and more. Apparently he's been targeting the upcoming week to be a significant time for a potential multi-year high, for quite some time. His article at the link above this weekend discusses the following chart, among others:

Mr. Ashbourne has also written an article with charts about the Jupiter cycle and how it affects Wall Street, which you can read at Like the forecasts of Raymond Merriman (whose public updates we feature), Mr. Ashbourne's article on the Jupiter cycle shows how the astrological cycle has a likelihood of peaking now; although in a couple of cases - like 1929 - it did go an extra round upward before the devastating crash. At the least, it's a warning not to be complacent.

I do enjoy looking at the Gann angles and Fibonacci work. It's interesting that the area of 1370 to 1375 represents $SPX Fibonacci extension levels measuring from the late-2011 volatility - but I can't guarantee that this area produces a major high, just a good potential for correction or consolidation retracing perhaps to 1300 or even 1260.

As for Elliott Wave - it's something Randall Ashbourne is clearly studying and trying to apply. But EW offers so many potential alternatives that I can't recommend it as a standalone basis to predict markets (that's why I primarily refer to Tony Caldaro for his Objective Elliott Wave, as I posted here earlier today).

Here's an interesting Fibonacci chart that Randall Ashbourne discussed in his update last weekend, at

And here's an interesting Gann angles chart that he included in his February 6, 2012 update of his "The Eye of Ra stock market report", at

What's it all signify? Well, it's true we're already looking for some interesting market moves this month; even though we tilt to the view that the market's in bull mode and heading higher into next year. But don't let that stop you from considering his work. And even he acknowledges that next week may be just a turn date rather than a multi-year high. If you're interested in Gann angles, astrology, Fibonacci and technical analysis blended with skepticism, a side of sarcasm and a chaser of whimsical humor - then Randall Ashbourne's site is one you might want to put on your list. Meantime, we're as curious as any to see whether the coming week turns out to be a momentous one for the stock markets!

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