Saturday, July 28, 2012

August has its share of moves to beware; and announcement: Notes on Raymond Merriman's 7/30/12 preview

Folks, it's been an amazing ride. The market sagging down drastically for three days, then zigzagging like an arrow up for three days. Who can keep up? Well, we did warn you about a low coming in about the 25th, as you may have seen from a couple of methods. That certainly worked! and Raymond Merriman warned us all that there would be sharp moves and that a trader should not hold onto a position for very long. That worked too! I want my readers to be aware of what he is prognosticating for the upcoming week, and beyond. For example, he has a remark about August 2. And, he also has quite a discussion about August 8.

But I'm also going to announce a change in my approach here at Chartlines trading. I've decided that I'm not going to simply post in full articles that can be easily accessed by clicking the link to the authors website, or to where the author makes it available at another website. Certainly, when material can only be uniquely shown here, I'll show it. And as appropriate, for items that are available elsewhere, I may from time to time also include a quote along with the link to the article I recommend my readers examine.

Having said that, here's the link to Raymond Merriman's free public weekly preview comments for the week beginning July 30:,-2012/. Go ahead, click on that and it will pop up the browser window where you'll be in Raymond Merrimans website reading his fascinating article about what investors, traders, and really everybody should be aware of for the weeks and even months ahead.

This new approach will also enable me to spend more of my time doing my own analysis, looking at other sources, and from time to time adding additional links and comments where my readers should be aware of something. Therefore you will see posts coming along at this blog, and possibly more of them during the week. As for my own chart analysis contributions, increasingly I do those only via Twitter because of the incredible time savings. In the meantime, enjoy!

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